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Care packages

This program provides much needed basics for people who don’t have anything. For asylum seekers and refugees with no choice but to live on the streets of Jakarta, some with small children. For asylum seekers and refugees who may have a roof over their heads but nothing else. No furniture, thin mats on the floor for sleeping, no regular support, and little to no ability to buy basic bathroom, hygiene essentials.

For our first project in August 2017 we put together 40 care packages for families living on the streets of Jakarta. (package items listed below).

now,  we are delivering 100 care packages every month in different areas of Jakarta and Bogor.


Toothbrush( every 3 months)




Wet tissue (children below 2 years old)

Dry tissue


Detergent powder

Shower sponge (every 3 months)

Babies diapers (children below 2 years old)

Milk powder (children below 3 years old)

Women’s menstruation essentials/underwear

Disposable razors (every 2 months)

Pens/pencils/notebooks (for those going to learning centers)


skin issues has been eliminated among those who receive it every month.

Severe skin issues as shown in pictures below:


*for pictures of packing and monthly distributions, please visit our social media.